what separates cooperwynn?


Our company lives by four main tenets; Communicate Expectations, Cultivate People, Culture of Success and Compensate Generously, and these tenets guide everything we do, making our clients truly become partners. Given our hospitality-specific focus, we can assist you on any element of hospitality investing that may be required. Our team has completed transactions in various capacities including strategic asset sales, workouts and restructurings, corporate asset management, property level investments, senior mortgages, mezzanine mortgages, private equity placement, third party RFP processes and real estate valuations.


We focus exclusively on the hospitality industry. You will have the singular focus of a team that has years and depth in hospitality experience. We believe the better you can articulate the aspects of a hospitality property, the better the outcome. Knowledge sells. And we have proven this in our extremely successful advisory history.


Success is always in the details. Tenacity and thoroughness of work is our mantra. Our comprehensive efforts supplemented by the urgency of “making decisions” gives you the best outcome in the shortest time possible. Hotel investing requires a hospitality-specific team that can fluently articulate the details, nuances and opportunities of the assignment.


We know who is doing what in the hospitality industry. Since we are a continually in the marketplace, we know who the players are and what type of assets and geographic parameters are in the current industry.